Seeking members of the armed forces - photo shoot

Freije Brands seeks members of the armed forces for a photo shoot on Thursday, June 7 between 5 – 8 pm in the Broad Ripple area


Through our research with members of the armed forces, we found that armed forces advertising is often inauthentic, such as stock photography with inappropriate uniforms. 

We would like the help of actual members of the armed forces, past and present, to be featured as the models in a photo shoot for INHP.

We also would like family members to participate, too.

The advertisements will be featured online in places such as and Facebook, and in handouts and fliers.

Who: Central Indiana military members, active, reserve, retired and their families

What: photo shoot - Freije Brands client Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership INHP

When: Thursday, June 7 between 5-8 pm

Where: Broad Ripple neighborhoods

What to wear/bring: Wear casual, civilian clothes, no uniforms. If you have armed forces items, such as a hat, jacket, shirt, sweatshirt, jewelry, tattoo, flag, please bring those items with you, as we may incorporate into the photos.

How to participate

If you are interested and available please contact Nichole Freije via email, call or text at or 317-716-0957.

Thank you gift

Participants will receive a $25 gift card as a thank you for their participation.


Examples of an INHP Facebook ads



Who is INHP?

INHP is a nonprofit organization created by Indianapolis Mayor William Hudnut in 1988, whose mission is to be a resource for Marion County homeowners and those seeking to buy a home. Learn more about INHP's mission, vision and values at


Who does INHP serve?

For those who want to buy a home, INHP offers home buying education classes and advising programs, down payment assistance funds and mortgages.  For those who already own their home, INHP offers home repair inspections, project support and financing. Find out more about INHP offerings at


What else does INHP do?

INHP also offers innovative funding like sweat equity programs and home value guaranty programs for specific Indianapolis neighborhoods.  INHP also grants funds to Community Development Corporations and nonprofit organizations who support long-term, sustainable homeownership efforts. Read more at